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12 April
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Haha! I'm crazy! i have way too many of these things!! :-p!

comment and add! :-D

left to right: Rob, Stacey, Brandon, Liz, Me(blocked by Brandon),
Sean, Krysta, and Brendan

"Motley Crue :All the Young Jews" ~Brandon

"Did you see that 12 year old Lesbian all over Brandon friday night?"

"There was just an ass right there. Oh fuck that was a shadow. It was yours. The reflection i mean. I looked and i saw like like an ass right there. It was like a belt.Then i was looking at you and i like saw your belt and i was like That was you! "~Brandon

"we're all in the car naked. we got in cheaper if we went in naked"~Brendan

"Thats you ur a humping machine" ~Rob

"like i am gay minus the liking of guys" ~Brandon

Not only am i a music Nazi, i'm also a friend Nazi!! So watch out!!

And have a nice day!!

"Single Mild Sauce seeking friendship, maybe more" ~Taco Bell Sauce